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Doppio Express


Arts District

1025 South 1st Street, Las Vegas, 89101, US

Why You’ll Love It

Doppio Express Mobile Craft Coffee Catering in Las Vegas emerged from a combination of passion and perseverance. After years in the wine industry, the founder faced an unexpected layoff due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Seizing the opportunity to pursue his second love—coffee—he decided to transform a long-standing idea into a thriving business. Motivated by the subpar coffee he often encountered at his son's sports events, he took matters into his own hands. With a modest budget, extensive research, and some help from YouTube, he built his own coffee truck and perfected his barista skills.

Doppio Express is now a family-run venture, with the founder's sons joining him in the business, bringing a sense of camaraderie and fun to their work. The company prides itself on using no fructose, sucrose, mixes, or additives. The menu also boasts a variety of vegan options, and most ingredients are kosher, ensuring that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

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Shrtlst Team

Doppio Express Mobile Craft Coffee Catering offers more than just a caffeine fix—it's an experience crafted by a true connoisseur. Tom perfected his tasting skills alongside the iconic Chef Wolfgang Puck at Spago Beverly Hills, bringing a sommelier's finesse to every cup. Try his signature drinks: the Honey Espresso Vanilla Latte, the rich Tiramisu Oat Milk Latte, or the creamy Biscoff Cookie Butter Latte. These drinks showcase his dedication to quality and flavor, promising a coffee experience that's nothing short of extraordinary.

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