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Celebrity realtor, philanthropist, dog and car lover who enjoys being with friends.

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I was born and raised in France and Spain, with most of my childhood spent on the beaches of Marbella. But Las Vegas has been my home for the last 26 years and is by far the best place I’ve ever lived. I'm the proud father of six Great Danes, so hiking with them and weekend trips to places like St. George, Zion, Lake Mead, Scottsdale, and LA are always on my calendar. My background is in real estate, specializing in ultra-luxury properties from Vegas to Orange County, and I am now the managing partner at The Agency. That means I'm always out-and-about hosting clients, staying up on the new hotspots in town, and getting to know the nitty gritty details about all the Vegas neighborhoods. Something people often miss when it comes to Las Vegas is what a charitable city this is. We don't get enough credit for our wonderful philanthropic community and the many generous people who live here. It's so important to give back to places that have been good to you, so I sit on the board of the Nasri Academy of Gifted Children and also support the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth.

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We tapped Zar because he's sold some of the most luxurious homes in Las Vegas and is constantly rubbing elbows with Sin City's biggest celebrities, business moguls, and high rollers. His clients are a who's who of Hollywood royalty and he's been featured on more than 30 TV shows. That kind of access means he knows all the hottest new spots in town and he's always on the guest lists.

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