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Living in Downtown Manhattan passionately exploring the city, enjoying sports, Marvel movies, music, reading nonfiction, all while aiming to fulfill a lifelong dream of traveling to space.

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I’m relatively new to New York, but I visited the city many times when I was living in Las Vegas. Las Vegas was my home for 17 years and during that stretch I spent 14 of them as an executive in the gaming/hospitality industry. Being a food lover I’m pretty sure I ate at every great restaurant over a dozen times! I now reside in Lower Manhattan (SoHo) and am currently the Vice President of VIP Marketing for Fanatics. I love to explore this amazing city by walking everywhere, trying new restaurants and shops, and meeting people along the way. I’m very active and like to stay in shape. I’m a huge sports fan, an avid golfer, a classical and jazz-trained pianist, and read over 40+ books a year. On most days after work, if I’m not hanging with friends, I’ll catch up on a movie or TV show, play the piano, or read a book. My book preference is nonfiction, covering a wide range of subjects that include history, business, or the future of technology, particularly with how tech and AI are changing the world as we know it. I am a big collector of the things I love, so you’ll find sports, art and Marvel memorabilia all over my apartment. My tattoos are themed around one of my favorite topics: the cosmos. I’m a die-hard space fanatic, and I'm even seriously working on going to space at some point. One of my goals in life is to see the “pale blue dot” we call Mother Earth.

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Foodie, Reading, Travel, Golf, Adventurous


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We chose Taylor as an A-lister for NYC because, as a new resident and avid explorer of the city, he has a fresh and enthusiastic perspective, combined with extensive experience in the hospitality industry. And he always ensures he knows the best restaurants, shops, and hidden gems, while his passion for sports, culture, and technology can tailor an exciting, well-rounded itinerary to suit many interests.

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