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Open-minded travel blogger who is all about authentic exploration, living the Las Vegas dream since 2021.

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I have been living in Las Vegas on and off for a few years but moved here permanently in 2021. My love for the city and the outdoors makes life here fun and dreamy! I couldn’t imagine living elsewhere and experiencing such a wide variety of things in another town. For a living, I am a Digital Marketing Coordinator, travel blogger, and content creator. I 100% work from home, so it is easier for me to travel and visit as I please! I am an open-minded traveler. I love to explore everything from cultures and food to meeting new people and having authentic experiences. For example, when I visit a new country, I always learn a little bit of the official language spoken in this country so that it’s easier for me to connect with people! Living in Vegas is an endless trip: I did, saw, and experienced a lot over the past two years. As a world traveler and a foreigner, I encounter the city in an exciting way!

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Romane is a Digital Marketing Coordinator and travel blogger who enjoys the city's vibrant lifestyle and outdoor opportunities. Working from home allows her the flexibility to travel and explore various cultures authentically, embracing new experiences and languages. Her time in Vegas has been an endless adventure, seeing the city through the lens of a world traveler and foreigner, allowing for different insights.

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