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Dentist by day, insatiable foodie by night (and day)

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Hi, I'm Raquel Linevsky, and I'm a passionate foodie living in the heart of Los Angeles. This city is a treasure trove of culinary delights, and I love exploring everything from hidden gems to the most luxurious dining spots. My journey as a foodie began with a simple curiosity and has grown into a deep appreciation for the artistry and passion behind every dish. I thrive on discovering new flavors and sharing those experiences with others. If you're looking for dining recommendations that come from a genuine love for food, I'm your guide to the best that LA has to offer.

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Raquel Linevsky is a Los Angeles resident with a refined taste for gourmet dining. A UCLA graduate, Raquel has a deep appreciation for the city’s vibrant culinary scene. She passionately explores the finest restaurants and hidden gems, always on the lookout for the next unforgettable meal. With her discerning palate and love for upscale dining, Raquel's recommendations are a trusted guide to LA's best culinary experiences.

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