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Hey there! My name is Marina and I have lived in New York City for two and a half years. I reside on the Upper West Side but I always love an excuse to get out of my neighborhood and explore other parts of the city. My favorite things to do are go to local markets, visit art galleries, and try out up and coming restaurants in the city. With the rising expenses of living in New York, I try to stick to more budget friendly options and get the best bang for your buck. I’ve worked as a barista for the past 5 years and always love to try new coffee shops to find those that are actually worth the money. I also love to cook and bake so trying different restaurants and bakeries helps give me inspiration. When I have the time, my favorite thing to do to get out of the house is sit in Central Park and read. New York can feel over-saturated at times but I’m here to find those hidden gems that make it worth your while!

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Marina is an excellent guide for NYC recommendations due to her two-and-a-half years of living in the city and her enthusiasm for exploring various neighborhoods. Residing on the Upper West Side, she loves discovering budget-friendly options, local markets, art galleries, and up-and-coming restaurants. As a barista with a passion for coffee, she can point you to the best coffee shops. Her interest in cooking and baking, coupled with a love for Central Park, ensures she knows great spots for food and relaxation. Marina's dedication to uncovering hidden gems promises a unique and personalized New York experience.

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