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Adventurous foodie with glamping tendencies

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I’ve lived in Vegas for 13 years and now work in Gaming. Most of my career in Las Vegas has been in hospitality. Once moving to Concierge, where I spent the bulk of my time, I fell in love with being able to show visitors all the great things in Las Vegas. Things got even more interesting when repeat guests would ask, “What next?” They wanted to explore more unique places the city has to offer. After living near and working on the Strip for so long, I genuinely think Las Vegas has the best of all worlds, and I love showing people from out of town what that means.

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Having lived in Las Vegas for 15 years and working in gaming and hospitality, specifically as a concierge, Kelsey has a deep understanding of the city's many offerings, showcasing its diverse attractions to visitors. Her experience in guiding repeat guests to explore unique places beyond the Strip reflects her ability to curate memorable experiences, making them well-equipped to recommend an enriching trip to Vegas that captures the city's best features.

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