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Immersed in local culture. Always finding great vibes, eats, and sights.

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The sandwiches here are made with Schiacciata bread, which is beautifully airy with a crisp top layer and slightly thinner than focaccia. The pizza is naturally fermented for 72 hours to create a thick but light crust that delivers rotating fresh, flavorful toppings on a cloud. I would dare compare the bread to bakeries in Europe - not only is the flavor and texture on point, but it satisfies without leaving you feeling bloated and heavy. Most frequently, my motivator for stepping into this cozy cafe (besides the smiles and warmth) is that tangy sourdough cinnamon roll with an espresso con panna. The cinnamon roll is one of my favorites ever - so fluffy and soft, a touch tangy, and covered in a delish icing. It truly tastes like a warm hug. Pro-tip: let them warm it for you and order an espresso con panna (fluffy, homemade Italian cream) to dip it in. There is no wifi here, and I have rarely seen people working inside, so I recommend eating inside at one of the cozy wood tables and just enjoying the brilliance of your pastries or striking up a conversation with a neighbor. Parking can be pretty difficult if you aren’t an early bird, so I would plan to rideshare or find distant street parking and walk a bit. My favorite time to come here is in the late morning after taking a hot yoga class at nearby Agni. They have hot vinyasa, hot 26&2 (Bikram), and pump classes in the mornings that always leave me feeling like a newborn baby (with a massive puddle of sweat on my mat). With showers in the studio, it’s easy to get a beautifully grounding workout and jump directly into your day.

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Living life authentically and meaningfully. I am a film photographer, yogi, DJ, and foodie who loves going to the beach, taking care of my body, immersing myself in culture, and expressing myself artistically. I love good music and dancing the night away, but I also enjoy practicing hot yoga in the morning and having a fresh, nutritious lunch afterward. Traveling is a beautiful way to connect with other cultures and find a home in yourself. My budget style is fairly balanced - I like to stay close to where things are happening, but it doesn’t have to be a fancy stay. I like to maintain a nice balance of my healthy fitness and eating habits while still indulging in delicious food and nights of dancing.

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Jules is an excellent person for Miami with her vibrant lifestyle and diverse interests. As a film photographer, yogi, DJ, and foodie who loves the beach, cultural immersion, and artistic expression, she perfectly aligns with what this diverse city has to offer. From its beautiful beaches and diverse culinary scene to its legendary nightlife and numerous fitness opportunities, Miami caters to her balanced approach to living well, enjoying great food, and dancing the night away. Her experience ensures she can suggest the best spots for an authentic and meaningful experience.

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