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Hospitality expert in all things food, business, and culture with 18 years in hospitality and 11 years in Las Vegas.

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I’ve been a Las Vegas resident for 11 years and have 18 years of hospitality experience. I naturally seek out new experiences and travel often for leisure and work. I often recommend activities and restaurants to friends visiting Las Vegas, and I love talking about my travels and adventures with anyone and everyone. I travel for work almost weekly, and when in other cities, I turn into the ultimate foodie. To find the best spots, I search online, ask friends for recommendations, or just start exploring. Traveling for leisure is all about luxury, food, and experiencing history and culture. I love museums and learning about history; it just draws me in, and I can spend an entire day learning new things.

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Outdoors, Museums, Food, Cocktailing, Adventuring


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With 18 years of hospitality experience, Jarrod is well-versed in recommending activities and restaurants in the city. His passion for seeking new experiences and frequent travel for leisure and work make him a knowledgeable source for trip recommendations. As an avid foodie who prioritizes luxury and cultural experiences while traveling, he excels at discovering the best spots and immersing themselves in history and culture, making him an ideal guide.

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