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Passionate traveler drawn to diverse cultures, finding Miami's mix of tradition and innovation endlessly captivating.

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A rare Miami native with Puerto Rican and Nicaraguan roots, I love the sense of community more than anything. Still within my developmental years, I am very much drawn toward genuine connections, culture, and new life perspectives. Having this mindset, has played a key role in my past roles working in hospitality as a hotel concierge and now in Membership with the Faena Rose. My collection of interests includes the arts, the world of travel and wandering the streets aimlessly, discovery, photography, music, nature, laughter and making people laugh, food, and storytelling.

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Photography, Music, Nature, Food, Arts


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We chose Eros to be an A-lister in Miami because of his deep roots in the city and his passion for genuine connections and culture. With experience in hospitality and a keen interest in arts, travel, and exploration, he's the perfect guide to uncovering the authentic and vibrant experiences Miami has to offer.

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