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Hi there, I'm Codi – your Las Vegas local content creator, sharing the best of this sparkling city on my social channels @local.livin. Living in the heart of Vegas is a dream, but my soul always craves adventure, leading me to explore different cultures worldwide. Life, to me, is about savoring new experiences and cherishing the little moments. Food is a profound passion of mine. Whether I'm indulging in a new local hotspot or whipping up something delicious at home, I firmly believe, just like Julia Child, that the best people are passionate about food. Family and my close friends are the core of my world, and there's nothing I love more than hosting epic dinner parties that bring people together. I count myself fortunate to turn my passion into a profession. As a dedicated content creator, I relish collaborating with local businesses and showcasing whatever captures my interest – be it restaurants, hiking trails, or exciting activities. I'm on a mission to share things with the world that add spice to their lives, just as they have to mine. When I travel, I embrace a budget style that seamlessly blends casual luxury with local authenticity. I seek out hotels with fantastic coffee shops, restaurants, and spas for a touch of indulgence, but I equally relish the streets, diving into street food, food trucks, and cozy cafes. From kayaking, rappelling, and hiking to enjoying a nice spa day, private boat tour, or cooking class – my travel style is a mix of adventure and relaxation. I find joy in exploring museums to delve into the history of a place, yet as night falls, I opt for a nightcap at a local cocktail bar or brewery where the locals gather. And when it comes to dining, I can appreciate the simplicity of street food as much as the elegance of a fancy dinner, preferably one that concludes with a delightful espresso martini. My travels are a tapestry of diverse experiences, creating memories that balance the thrill of adventure with the charm of local culture.

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Codi is a local content creator who embraces adventure and cherishes new experiences, showcasing her passion for food, family, and friends through epic dinner parties. She knows how to blend casual luxury with local authenticity and showcases her love for her city through her budget travel style, enjoying everything from street food to upscale dining, museums to cocktail bars, and perfectly mixes adventure and relaxation activities.

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