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Spontaneous, life of the party, industry shot-caller, living that Vegas life for the last two decades.

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I have lived in Las Vegas for 19 years and work in hospitality/consulting. I’ve moved away a few times but always come back because no other city has the same energy as Las Vegas! For most trips, I have a list of things to try or experience, but I don’t have a strict itinerary. Some aspects are planned and budgeted, but I don’t ever limit myself financially. I stay open to unexpected experiences and stay present at the moment. I am always down for an outdoor adventure like ziplining, hiking to something fun like a waterfall, or riding around in a jungle on a quad. I like to think of myself as the Director of Fun. It's always about who you are with, not where you are at. There are some laws but no particular rules on how you enjoy a trip to Las Vegas. A weekend in Las Vegas should include time at the pool, brunch during the day (there is a 'no waking up early' guideline), drinks at one of our many chic lounges, an inappropriate-natured show, a fancy dinner, and maybe just maybe 1 hour in a nightclub. Traveling is all about experiencing new, exciting things and de-stressing from everyday life. I believe your experience should have an array of activities that will make your trip feel like a true vacation; Not one of those 'I need a vacation from my vacation' overloaded itinerary experiences. I’m talking about sun and relaxation, a night of laughter where you leave your inhibitions in your carry-on and end on a high note. Putting a perfect trip together is like putting an outfit together (yes, one outfit you bought wayyyy before you even booked this trip to Las Vegas). Think of it this way, Las Vegas is your trip, and I am your stylist. So let me help you put something together that is perfect for you!

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Carmen has resided in Las Vegas for 19 years, works in hospitality/consulting, and consistently returns to the city for its unmatched energy. She sees Las Vegas as THE destination and, as a trip stylist, is committed to crafting the ideal experience for others. She likes a well-balanced trip, incorporating activities from pool relaxation to upscale dining and creating memorable evenings, aiming for a stress-free vacation.

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