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Globetrotter with a deep love for culture and culinary flavor.

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Roller Coaster at The STRAT

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Big kids absolutely love this place. It’s perfect for celebrating a teen’s birthday; the kids ride the rides while the parents can hang out at the bar and take in the views. Then everybody can go over to Atomic Golf together. I recommend buying the wristbands ahead of time if you’ve got a group of kids going (it’ll make the whole process smoother). Just don’t forget, you can’t take much through security with you to get up to the tower, not even cameras. So empty your pockets or be prepared to walk back to your car.

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Hey, I’m Ashley. I’ve been a Vegas local since 2007, writing for various lifestyle and travel magazines as an entertainment reporter and later an editor in chief. For the last decade, it's literally been my job to experience the latest and greatest Las Vegas has to offer, and then tell you what you should do on your next vacation. But personally, I’m a champagne, potato chip and caviar kind of girl, with strong opinions on culinary techniques, global affairs and bathtubs. Travel is my favorite activity in the world and I’m completely obsessed with the manner in which culture and cuisine intersect. Whether it’s catching langostinos in Cuba, meeting beekeeping monks at Greek monasteries, or learning 200-year-old underground roasting techniques for Oaxacan Mezcal, I’m all in.

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Food Exploration, Family-Friendly Fun, Literature, Discovering New Experiences


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We tapped Ashley to be an A-Lister because she's been a travel writer based in Vegas for more than 10 years. She's been thrown into the Venetian lagoon in gondolier school, hung out of helicopters for aerial photo shoots above the Strip, interviewed celebrities on the red carpet and eaten her way up one side of Las Vegas Blvd. and down the other.

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