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Creator of Neon Feast Restaurant Guide, foodie, journalist and always seeking the best food and chefs in the city!

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I moved to Las Vegas in 2001 to cover the entertainment scene for ABC News Radio. I took a job reviewing restaurants for a local alt-weekly newspaper in 2003, as a way to connect with the local community, and quickly fell in love with the spirit and personalities of the local culinary scene. After switching the focus of my writing to food and beverage coverage, I created the collaborative Las Vegas restaurant guidebook Eating Las Vegas: The 50 Essential Restaurants in 2010, and co-authored the first three editions. In the years since, I've written about the Las Vegas restaurant scene for dozens of local and national media outlets, including nearly five years as a staff food writer for the Las Vegas Review-Journal. In 2021, I launched the podcast Food and Loathing, and in early 2022 introduced the world to my online restaurant guide, Neon Feast, which is compiled with the input of dozens of local F&B professionals.

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Al is the creator of the Neon Feast restaurant guide, a Las Vegas mainstay on the food scene, and one of the pioneers in culinary journalism in town. We tapped Al because he's a ruthless critic of cuisine, in the constant hunt for delicious meals and true masters of the art of cooking. He doesn't care if you're a celebrity chef (we're not naming names-but you know who you are), a home cook, or anything in between. And that means he upholds our values of the utmost authenticity when it comes to restaurants and the food they're serving up. Don't let the rainbow-colored mohawk fool you, Al is the real deal, and an expert in spectrum of gastronomy from taco trucks to the city's most coveted high-end restaurants.

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